Oilfield Support Services

Oilfield Support Services

Tegxcent Nigeria Limited is an oil servicing company providing services in well head maintenance, hydro testing and manpower supply and management. In conjunction with our technical partners we deliver quality services in well testing, and produced water management.

Our Vision is to become a leading Oilfield Service Company delivering service synonymous with quality, innovative solutions, and excellence in service delivery.

Providing high quality service and customer focused solutions in a safe, efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly way to our clients. This is our Mission.

Well Integrity Management
We undertake First and Second Line Wellhead Maintenance for the integrity management of our client’s assets.
o    First line wellhead maintenance includes but not limited to the following:
Pressure or In Flow test and Function test all Christmas tree and annulus valves. Pressure test casing hanger/pack-off voids

Visual inspection of wellhead and Christmas tree assemblies, Injection of lubricant/sealant to all Christmas tree and annulus valves
o    Second line or non routine aspect of wellhead maintenance includes:
Repair of Christmas Tree Equipment, Pressure and function testing of repaired Christmas tree and annulus valves, The make-up and factory testing of OEM supplied Christmas Trees and accessories in our workshop.

-  Distribution of Christmas Tree Equipment and accessories from OEMs.

Produced Water Management
We employ state of the art technologies for the monitoring of produced water for our clients in the oil and gas Industry.
The oil and gas production industry generates produced water; typically a mixture of formation and injection process water that contains oil, salts, chemicals, solids and trace metals. Produced water is the primary waste product resulting from the separation of oil, gas and water at production facilities.      
The discharge of produced water to the environment is regulated by agencies depending on the Country. Our service includes providing the client with accurate and up to date record of produced water parameters before discharge to the environment. With our range of products, we are able to monitor oil and grease concentrations in produced water at production facilities on a daily basis.        

We support the client in the management of oil/water separation processes and discharge compliance with environmental regulations. Our product range allows for both the grab sample measurements and continuous oil in produced water monitoring.      

Well Testing
o    Drill Stem Testing / Production Well Testing – 2-3 Phase Well Testing    
o    Multiphase Well testing
o    Testing Data Interpretation
We work closely with the client to identify production testing needs and develop well testing program and equipment selection customized for the acquisition of relevant well data.

The acquired production and fluid data are analyzed and reported for production optimization decisions. Our focus  is on supporting the client to optimise production, manage costs and efficient production from the fields.

Parameters such as flow rate, fluid properties, composition, pressure, and temperature obtained at live well condition, helps in identifying what is happening with the Well with greater certainty. The information these measurements provide, can be better interpreted, and the future impact on production predicted.

Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to develop a test program that safely meets your objectives and time frame. On land and offshore, in shallow and complex deepwater environments, we work with you to prove reservoir potentials.

Asset Integrity Management
o     Well Head Maintenance    
(A) Supply and installation of new Wellhead Equipment and Accessories for new well projects
(B) Supply of Spares (manufactured by OEMs) for existing Wellheads.
(C) Inspection and Maintenance of Wellhead and Trees
o    Hydro Testing Services  
(A) Pressure Integrity Tests
(B) Non Destructive asset integrity Tests
(C) Preparation of process plant for Commissioning /Decommissioning
(D) Onsite & Offsite pressure testing of equipments-Manifolds,valves,Tanks ,Pipelines
(E) Vessel cleanout.
o    Instrumentation- Calibration
(A) Instrumentation calibration and functional checks
(B) Instrumentation certification
Project Management

 Tegxcent Nigeria Limited has wellhead team that can render  maintenance services on different variety of Christmas trees such as Vetco Gray, Cooper Cameron and Azura , as well as job types ranging from :
•    First Line Maintenance
•    Second Line Maintenance
•    Adhoc Maintenance